Minister's Profile

Rev. Jana Norman    BSc Psych (Florida), MDiv (Yale), PCS, PDC

Jana is a relative newcomer to the Uniting Church, but not to ministry in a progressive and ecumenical denomination. She was ordained in 1993 in the United Church of Christ in her native United States. Like the UCA, the UCC was formed from several historical churches; in the case of the UCC the union occurred in 1957 and continues to develop and evolve through various covenants with other mainline denominations. As Assistant Moderator of UCC in 1999, Jana was part of the leadership of some of these newer collaborations. This makes her enthusiastic about the commitment to being a uniting church that is part of the DNA of her new ecclesiastical home in Australia.

Other connections are helping Jana feel at home at Pilgrim since her start in August 2011. Her mother's family heritage is connected to the Congregational Church, and Jana received her post-graduate degree from Yale University which was founded by Congregationalists. Also, she was the associate and then senior minister of a UCC church in Florida with Congregational roots. As to the other denominations in the UCA lineage, Jana was baptised and confirmed a Methodist and spent a year as the cook at the Abbey on Iona in Scotland (connected to the Presbyterian Church).

Jana's prior experience of working in a city church includes being a supply minister at John Flynn Memorial in Alice Springs! She has great affection for the Northern Territory and comes to Pilgrim from Nightcliff Uniting Church in Darwin. She and her partner Paul - now a minister at Clayton-Wesley Uniting Church in Norwood - shared a part-time role at Nightcliff. Jana was also the Pastoral Care Coordinator for Territory Palliative Care, a role which fed her passions for ecumenical and interfaith engagement and research in the broad field of spirituality. She has a Pastoral Care Specialist qualification conferred by the American Association of Pastoral Counselors.

Jana and Paul are writers for church resources, having met while Jana was working as the Minister for Curriculum Development for the UCC. Jana and Paul worked together in leadership development for the Council for Health and Human Services Ministries, a national network in the US of social service agencies. They travelled a lot in that job and travel continues to be a shared passion.

In addition to seeing new places, Jana is an outdoors enthusiast and especially enjoys running, bush walking and camping. That's just as well because she also loves to eat and cook! She is a Permaculture Design Consultant who hangs out in community gardens and likes to weld found objects into abstract sculptures. As for sport, she is an accomplished flâneur (a person who walks the city in order to experience it).

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