Monthly Archives: December 2014

Smuggling God into the world

Last week, Sydney CBD was shut down because of a siege in a cafe, which ended tragically with the loss of three lives. Even as the siege unfolded, reports spread quickly about the religious identity and nationality of the gunman, […]

I beg to differ

It has been extra-ordinarily hard to prepare these reflections in the context of the tragic events that have unfolded this week. The story of Mary, her encounter with the angel, her ‘yes’, and her song of praise we know as […]

Feeling our way Forward

Once upon a time, I lived on a wee Scottish Island. My memories of that time and place are many and varied, and all of them cherished. I remember one night when a group of us were walking from the […]

An Informed Hope

How is it that one can, at a certain age and station in life, fall asleep in the chair in front of the television with no trouble at all but try to do the sensible thing and retire to the […]