Monthly Archives: April 2015

The names on the boards

Marilyn Hyde and Pat Button have been busy at work over the past twelve months researching and documenting the lives of 181 people who were members or associated with the two congregations that led to the formation of Pilgrim church.

Can God fix climate change?

Throughout the Pacific, more than 90% of people identify as Christians. Faith is central to identity. Climate change, and frequent storms and high tides that batter homes, represents a spiritual as well as a physical crisis for the people.

Beyond Emptiness

What draws us out of the emptiness and into new life?
Let’s decide it is Jesus who has gone ahead.
Let’s decide to follow his way out.
Beyond the emptiness, if we will, we will see him:
We will see, if we will, all the things we have seen in him already:
extravagant welcome,
boundless compassion,
limitless courage for justice.

It was early in the morning

Each of our rough sleepers have their stories. There are many reasons they choose to sleep rough rather than go through the system to find housing. The example of Jesus enables us to see each of them as beloved, deserving of care and compassion.

Easter Sunday

Spirit, lead us,
light up the truth in these stories of faith we retell.
Spirit, lead us,
as we become the next chapter ourselves.
(Words: Paul Somerville)

Tim Winton @ Palm Sunday Walk4Refugees

Tim Winton, Palm Sunday speech: We live now as hostages to our lowest fears. But to assent to this is to surrender things that are sacred: our human decency, our moral right, our self-respect, our inner peace. It is to set out on a road that leads to horrors.