Monthly Archives: December 2015

Hot Cross Buns at Christmas!?

On Saturday December 19, as I was buying mince pies at Baker’s Delight, the woman next to me asked if they had any hot cross buns. “Not until after Christmas!” said the baker’s daughter. I’m glad someone is keeping to the old standards.

Impossible stories and white wine in the sun…

Next week, on Christmas Day, we can tell sweet stories of babies in a manger with the animals gathered around, and go home to wade into tinsel and presents for the children. With any luck we are blessed with a family like Tim Minchin and his baby daughter, and will be “drinking white wine in the sun.”

The spirit of the ethical cosmos

One way to talk about God is to say that “we are contained in an ethical cosmos. Choices have consequences.” The cosmos is not a machine for us to manipulate; we are a part of it, inside it, and subject […]

Religious but not political?

In the second term of Barak Obama, when Putin was in power, and Trudeau was elected Prime Minister of Canada, and Turnbull became Prime Minister of Australia, while Weatherill worked quietly in Adelaide, during the time Francis was Pope…