Monthly Archives: January 2016

Mourning glory

When we look at the story on its own terms, beyond Luke’s immediate agenda, we see the universal themes of rage and scape-goating. This is a story where people are confronted with the loss of their world. They expect a God who will favour them and take revenge on their enemies and, instead, are confronted by a God who does not do favours based on race and religion, and sometimes even seems to favour their enemies.

An almost lynching…

Jesus is almost lynched after his first sermon… What causes a congregation to go from being “amazed at the gracious words which came from his mouth,” to being filled with rage and seeking to throw him off a cliff?

Touching the intangible

How do we touch the intangible? How do we live with that insistence which floats at the edges of our seeing, and sometimes invades our lives? Can we? Does it have any substance?

Contemplating what now?

The year has begun. Christmas is finished. New Year is over. The New Year’s Test is well under way. What now? Just more of the same old same old? In a sense, yes! Life is lived as much in the small details as anywhere else… There are two posts this week: What now? and a Contemplation posted by Peter, which is also reproduced here as well.


I will live in the present moment. I will not obsess about the past or worry about the future.
I will cultivate the art of making connections. I will pay attention to how my life is intimately related to all life on the planet.