Monthly Archives: March 2016

Jesus’ risen life means that ‘today we find ourselves in a world where the inevitable no longer seems sure, and we wonder what else is made possible because of the resurrection: what walls will be broken and what darkness will be destroyed; what death will be shown for what it is – the possibility for love to come again’. (Cheryl Lawrie)

The Love of Mary

The Gospel of John is not newspaper narrative. It is full of metaphor and symbol designed to open the reader to deeper meaning… We meet a call to spiritual depth, and its foil of shallow life, in the John 12 reading set for this week.

Sibling rivalry

Which son is lost? There are two sons, but only one is able to enter the house of his father. The other, estranged from his father, refuses to come in. And it’s not the prodigal son; it’s the “good” son who won’t come home!