Monthly Archives: April 2016

The wall of separation

“Normally when we say the Lord’s Prayer together in English and Arabic, those saying it in English finish first. But on this day as we prayed while bulldozers uprooted olives trees that were older than the time of Christ, no one was able to finish the words of the prayer, we were so overcome with sadness.”

ANZAC Day 2016 Homily

One of the last ANZACs, Ted Matthews who died in 1997, reflected, “The whole point of ANZAC day has been lost. It’s not for old diggers to remember, it’s for survivors to warn young people against romanticising war.”

What sort of shepherd?

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want… This favourite psalm which will be read in churches across the world this week, offers a way into one of the collision points between governments and churches

Believe whatever you want

Believe whatever you want – in science, in proof, in reason.

In the power of story and the possibility of miracle.

These are precious gifts.

Believe what you want.

And – or but – or also: trust.