Monthly Archives: March 2017

18c and social cohesion in Australia

As representatives from Indigenous and culturally diverse backgrounds have pointed out, the proposed change to section 18c is being advocated predominantly by people who have no idea what it’s like to endure racial discrimination in Australia.

‘Everyone Belongs’

Harmony Day March 21, 2017: ‘Everyone belongs’. Migration stories challenge us to consider how and when and where we experience God. Is God to be found in the promised Land or in the pilgrimage journey? How and When and Where do we worship? When Jesus and the Samaritan Woman have their long and famous encounter, this becomes a central part of their conversation. (A sermon by Rev Dr Amelia Koh-Butler)

#Be Bold For Change

International Women’s Day (Wednesday 8 March) is calling on women to be bold for change in 2017, and urging people to help forge a more gender-inclusive working environment and world.

The Uniting Church in South Australia is home to many strong, female leaders. New Times asked two of these leaders, Dr Deidre Palmer and Rev Sandy Boyce, to reflect on leadership, change and gender parity in the Uniting Church.