Monthly Archives: April 2017

‘The language of promise’

The resurrection is not complete until the real presence of the risen Christ is felt, is taken on, and is experienced in our lives, by faith, and we allow Christ to meet us personally and call our name, as he did for Mary, as he does for us. Christ is risen!

Celebrating risen life

We are called to be God’s celebrative companions—to say “yes” to life in all its complexity, contrast, and beauty. To rejoice in birth and rebirth. Christ is Risen, today, and every day! Hallelujah!

The in-between time

The Easter story moves ahead towards resolution and resurrection, but for many the reality of the future is unclear and uncertain, just as it was for the early disciples and followers that Easter Saturday. An in-between time, a place of paralysis in the midst of confusion, when the chasm of despair or hopelessness seems sometimes all too close, when all we can do is wait…

Good Friday – ‘it is finished’

What happened to Mary’s song of freedom and liberation, of justice and mercy. What happened to the hope that things could be different? What about the reign of God that Jesus spoke about so often? Mary’s song now becomes the song on our own lips, of longing for the day when things will change, when the reign of God will be seen in the way people can live together with freedom, justice and hope, and be embraced by the Love we name as God and share that Love with friend and foe.

Faith in the ordinary

“Before the eyes of the world, in the dead of night they came, seeking passage between their lands of desolation and the possibility of a better life.” Good Samaritan Sister Marie Casamento takes us on a journey from Palm Sunday to the Resurrection

In the aftermath of TC Debbie

We pray for those who are enduring the devastation and destruction of cyclones and flooding, and wisdom and strength for all who seek to help, and that through this emergency, people and communities may be drawn more closely together in service to one another.