Monthly Archives: May 2017

Pray for Manchester

“Each one of us can respond to this horror by working to build communities which oppose those who wish to divide us. We should seek to defeat terrorism not by violence but by the power of love. A love which Christians celebrate in the teachings of Jesus.” 
(A statement by UK religious leaders)

‘A reinstatement of hope’

“To draw boundaries that sharply delineate between those who are ‘in’ and to whom justice and fairness applies, and those who are ‘out’ and to whom justice and fairness does not, is to deny justice at all.” (Caz Coleman, Acting Executive Officer, ACRT)

Living stones

Something happens in the establishment of a physical grand edifice that can change the location of the household of God away from the people to the building. The building becomes sacred space, and the role of the people is described as ‘going to church’. But the church is not the building. Together as ‘living stones’ we make the space where people sense the presence of God. Can you see how this changes the dynamic entirely?

Money and Faith

‘In placing household economy at the very centre of faith…Christianity (can reclaim) the material substance of its spiritual message’ (Jonathan Cornford, ‘Coming Back to Earth’). In other words, integrating how we understand the Gospel, how we make decisions about how much we earn, spend, work or volunteer, and how we advocate to Government about what this looks like is all part of living a faithful life.

On the road, on the way…

They talk about life – about all these things that had happened, and without them even noticing, Jesus came among them. Jesus is present in our conversations – in our deep sharing about our own experiences, of love and loss, sorrows and struggles, and when suffering and fragile hopes overwhelm the possibility of joy and transformation. This is part of being church – where two or more can meet to talk and to share deeply, to name our deepest realities in our human journey.