Monthly Archives: June 2017

We keep the rumour of God alive!

. . a call to champion the values of God, which will often differ from the values of Empire, whether that be transnational empire, ideological empire, or any other sort. . . a call to make it our business to know our neighbours and to reflect deeply on what blessing we can bring in this place. . . but without succumbing to simply mirroring the values of the market place.

The last 40 years!

The last forty years haven’t been particularly good for organised religion in Western countries. Mainline churches have ceased to belong in the centre of society as secularisation and religious pluralism have advanced. But . . .

Peace be with you

Not only are we to receive peace but we are called to share peace, to give peace away, to be sent out and to be peacemakers, forgivers, and those who seek to work towards justice and hope.

World Environment Day

Take a moment to pray for our planet and those that impact on it. Pray for a change of heart for those who have given up because the problem seems too great and our leaders too distracted or uninterested in making any real effort to change.