Monthly Archives: July 2017

Can a place be truly ‘godless’?

Mission is not taking God into a world because God is unable to get there without us. Mission is looking at the world around us, finding places where 
God is at work and calls us to help, and then joining in. (from a sermon by Rev Christy Capper)

Something seems to be slipping

Something seem to be slipping. We see the signs all around us. Attitudes have become hardened about ‘them and us’. Actions have been emboldened in the changing landscape of our culturally and religiously diverse world.

Census – what really counts . . .

“Our Church remains a vital expression of Christ’s mission on the Earth and a source of hope and comfort to the vulnerable and oppressed, and we will continue to work through our congregations and other councils of the Church, our schools and community service agencies to share the good news of Jesus Christ through action and word in the world.