Monthly Archives: September 2017

A meditation on daylight saving

Daylight saving begins October 1st
We whine and carry on about time. We have such a short span here in this life, and yet we make such a fuss over when this or that is to happen, how long that takes, how early we must rise, how late we’ve stayed up…
(the theme of the 9.30am service this Sunday is ‘time’)

Postal vote

We pray especially for those who are confused or confounded. We pray for those who do not know how to behave well or find their reference. We pray for Wisdom to touch people’s hearts and souls. We pray for clarity of thinking, of speech and of your mercy. We pray your blessing on those who are struggling most. Come – Holy Spirit – Come!
(Rev Dr Amelia Koh-Butler, September 2017)

Making space for grace

Relationships in churches – as elsewhere – are complex because people’s lived experiences are complex with hurt and harm, sorrow, disappointment, anger, dashed hopes, broken relationships, as well as joy, love, undiminished hope and all the things that sustain us. Mistakes, misunderstandings and mountain top experiences all co-exist in an awkward and often inconvenient way. 

The call for all ages

At Pilgrim we commit ourselves to responding to God’s call to live like Jesus, to be ambassadors for the one who walked the way of the cross and so to represent his values of forgiveness, reconciliation, and peace. To heal the broken, feed the hungry, stand up for the oppressed. And we also acknowledge that the call to non-conformity with the ways of the world includes a call to resist the legitimising of greed, selfishness, infidelity, violence, and exploitation.