Monthly Archives: January 2018

Media, politics and the South Sudanese community

President Stuart McMillan has expressed solidarity with Australia’s African community in the wake of recent negative political and media commentary. “Fear and negativity are such a blight on our public life. I find it deeply regrettable and offensive that some of our political leaders and media have begun the New Year by demonising a group of young African men. This is no doubt hurtful to many Africans who have made Australia their home and do their level best to contribute to the Australian community whilst in many cases also supporting loved ones in their home nations.”

Entering the new year with hope

I enter this new year with hope.
Yes, there is reason to be discouraged.
Of course we wish for the overthrow
of evil, greed and violence.
We have seen tyranny and cruelty before,
but we will never see the darkness win out.
Love always has more to say.
Our hope is not wishing: hope is confidence
that God’s future is already present.
The light shines in the darkness
and the darkness can’t overcome it.
(Steve Garnaas-Holmes, Unfolding Light)