Thanks for asking about Postcards of Hope initiative. Here’s some links. Would be great to have people from Pilgrim writing in this way. 

You can find the Postcards of Hope on Facebook  here. On this site, you can leave messages of support and refugees and asylum seekers with internet can read the messages direct. "You can write a message of hope and post to the wall. Be creative, illustrate a message of hope, take a picture and post it.

We want to gather here as many messages of love, compassion, welcome and hope as possible so those in immigration detention centres who have access to the internet can be encouraged by us and know they are not forgotten”. 

You can also prepare printed postcards - homemade, bought etc, with messages of hope. The information is on the Facebook site under ‘About’, but I’ll cut and paste below for you. They can be posted to Mark Riessen, Co-ordinator for Mission & Community Engagement, Churches of Christ SA & NT, PO Box 743, Torrensville Plaza, SA 5031

Mark is sending postcards of hope in bulk postage to Christmas Island, Nauru and Manus Island. Since April he has  posted 1000's of creative postcards of all shapes and sizes to these detention centres and they have been warmly received. Thank you to friends on the receiving end for ensuring these messages get to whom they are intended.

Here's how you can participate:

1) write or illustrate your message of a self made postcard or a piece of paper no bigger than A4. Please don't make messages too long as English is a second or third language for recipients and many have limited English.
2) recruit others to join you. If you are part of a church, school or community group, gather people together for a postcards of hope engagement. Provide materials, tell stories and get people involved. Host a 'postcards of hope' party and dedicate the time to creative postcard making/writing. Gather your class at school for an afternoon activity. Get together with your neighbours and send a 'neighbourhood card'. Be creative and include others
3) if you would like to form a new friendship please include a self addressed envelope with a 70c stamp for Christmas Island or $5 stamp for Manus or Nauru and some paper and include it with your message
4) Please indicate on your card the location you are writing to. Christmas Island, Manus Island or Nauru

**Although the date for this campaign says October, it is ongoing, and Mark will send on any postcards he receives. 

Julian Burnside also has an ongoing postcard campaign -   here’s a link. 

Here’s some information: 

Write a letter, but don't direct it to a specific person.

Mr Burnside will post your letter (with your self-addressed envelope) to a specific asylum seeker on Manus Island or Nauru. He will explain the letter-writing campaign and include some writing paper and your self-addressed envelope so the recipient of your letter can reply.

When you receive a reply, keep writing to that person. If you want, you can ask them for the names of other people you can write to.

People of various countries are being detained on Nauru and Manus Island, including Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and Sri Lanka. Please advise if you would prefer to write to someone of a particular nationality or if you have a preference for which detention centre your letter should go. 

Send the letter to: Julian Burnside , 205 William St, Melbourne, 3000 

Remember to enclose a self-addressed envelope and include 'Australia' as part of your address.

Before you send

If sending your letter to Nauru, please place $1.85 in Australian stamps on the reply envelope (addressed to you). Nauru uses Australian stamps.

If sending your letter to Manus Island, please include a $5 note in the reply envelope. Stamps are expensive in Papua New Guinea, this will allow the recipient of your letter to buy stamps to write back to you.

You might also be interested in  what Julian Burnside has written as ongoing action following the passing of the legislation.  He includes how you can respond.

Sandy Boyce - Pilgrim Uniting Church, December 2014