Pilgrim Uniting Church

12 Flinders St, Adelaide, SA

SUN 23-APR-2017 - 9.30 AM Sermon
Rev Sandy Boyce – Length 18:57

Easter 2 – “Holding Patterns” – "Truthiness" is the type of truth that gives the gut feeling that it ought to be right, in spite of all actual and verifiable facts to the contrary. But Thomas was not afflicted with that approach to truth; when he expressed his honest doubts about what the other disciples had seen when the risen Jesus had visited them in a locked room. He only wanted to see what they had seen; and when he too met the resurrected Jesus, he accepted what he actually saw, and believed. As for us, we need to progress beyond a faith in what others have told us, to a thinking faith, then a searching faith, and finally a faith of our own that promises even more to come.
John 20: 19-29