Pilgrim Uniting Church

12 Flinders St, Adelaide, SA

SUN 19-MAR-2017 - 9.30 AM Sermon
Prof. Clive Pearson – Length 21:06

Lent 3 – We live in a world of rapid global communication, thanks to technologies such as TV, Email, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Wikipedia. There is a huge amount of information waiting for us out there; all we need is the means and the desire to request it. But we also live in a "post-truth" society, with the possibility that the news we receive could be fake or distorted news; that the facts could be "alternative" facts; and that information might in fact be disinformation. With such a noisy and crowded communication jungle, how do we go about communicating the good news of Jesus Christ? We need to seek Wisdom; we need to learn how to talk about and be seen to live the way of Christ with confidence. That is when will have gained the insight needed for effectively communicating the good news to the world.
Proverbs 1: 2-7; Luke 12: 54-56; Galatians 6: 2-10