Pilgrim Uniting Church

12 Flinders St, Adelaide, SA

FRI 30-MAR-2018 - Good Friday Homily
Rev Dr Greg Elsdon – Length 16:31

Good Friday – What sort of God is it, that would allow, or demand, that the man Jesus should be treated so badly? Crucifixion was a horrifyingly cruel way to end a person's life. So how is God involved in Jesus' death? Many "atonement theories" have been devised to explain how crucifixion expressed God's love, and they are full of contradictions. For example, they can tell of an angry God arranging for his son to be punished for what everyone else has done, and they can tell of a God who demands satisfaction for attacks on his honour. But what if God is not like that, but is just as Jesus taught – a gracious God, desiring intimacy with human beings and seeking relationship with us? What if God simply loves us, without having to punish someone else for what we ourselves have done? God wants to love, accept, restore, and love to the end - as Jesus himself demonstrated.