Our Micah Challenge

You will be aware that earlier this year some of us shared our hunches about how we might get more involved, as a congregation, in jointly pursuing those ends and expressing those values which we say we care about and which many of us pursue as individuals or perhaps as members of other groups. Some action has begun as a result of that. The hunch I shared back in May is that:
now is the time for us to get overtly political: now is the time to line up publically with the prophet Micah and say that what we're on about as Christians and citizens is acting justly, loving mercy and walking humbly with our God.
To further that hunch we're going to run 'Micah Challenge' messages in the newsletter each week, If you have a brief 'Micah Challenge' message that you'd like to share please contact Judith through the pilgrim office. (email address on the front page) Put "Micah Challenge" in the Subject line.
See also our Justice page and the Micah Challenge .

Our Micah Challenge       3 Dec 2015      
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Our Micah Challenge       31 Oct 2015      
In the face of a horrifying humanitarian crisis in Syria, our former Prime Minister has called upon European countries to close their borders to asylum seekers. In an arrogantly simplistic take on a complex problem, he has derided their open-door policies as "misguided altruism". In the name of justice and mercy and our common humanity, we call on our government to reject this cruel, fear-based stance and provide some decisive and compassionate leadership.     Read more . . .
Our Micah Challenge       24 Oct 2015      
The Afghani man who came here by boat four years ago has a permanent resident visa. He applied, months ago, for citizenship so that he can then apply to have his wife and children join him here. He is working to make a home for them. He has heard nothing at all about the progress of his application. He has limited English language skills and 'the system' is impenetrable to him. He is overcome with worry and a sense of hopelessness. The health professional phones the relevant government department - again - and after 70 minutes his call has progressed from 43rd to 26th in the queue. The health professional knows that if ever he does get through the answer will be the same as always: "We can't provide any information. The application is being processed". He also knows that government policy in fact discourages family reunions for anyone who has arrived by boat. The challenge for us is not to be bowed down by such lack of compassion, not to be defeated by such cruel injustice.
Our Micah Challenge       10 Oct 2015      
Pope Francis, like Micah, knows that much of what passes for religion really misses the mark. Check out Micah's views at Micah 6:6-8, and Pope Francis's at cruxnow.com. The Pope says he prefers a church "bruised, hurting and dirty because it has been out on the streets, rather than a church which is unhealthy from being confined and from clinging to its own security". What does this mean for Pilgrim and its mission to be a church in and for the city of Adelaide?
Our Micah Challenge       26 Sep 2015      
The latest investigation into the activities of giant retailer Woolworths reveals its involvement in the promotion of gambling. Not only does Woolworths own and run many 'pokies pubs' around Australia, but it uses inducements, such as free meals for children and a specially targeted 'rewards' scheme, to encourage punters to gamble more. Shame Woolworths! Not just, not compassionate and not to be supported.

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