National Urban Mission Conference 2013

  The Post Secular City: Implications for Congregations

This conference was held at Pilgrim Church from September 24th to 26th, followed by a public presentation on September 27, 2013.

The primary resource person for the conference was Dr Chris Baker, Director of Research for the William Temple Foundation and Senior Lecturer in Urban and Public Theology at the University of Chester UK. Dr Baker features in the following videos.

  1. The Post-Secular City – characteristics and opportunities
     Duration 1:10:58  Watch

  2. Urbanisms of Hope: Politics and Mission – the role and contribution of faith

    Public Forum with Dr David Radford, Dr Deidre Palmer and Dr Chris Baker - 27 September 2013

     Duration 1:12:36  Watch

  3. The Contribution of Church in a Postsecular Society
     Duration 1:06:55  Watch

  4. The City as Text
     Duration 0:52:16  Watch

  5. The Place of Religion in Public Policy and Social Development
     Duration 1:02:36  Watch

These recorded conversations may stimulate ideas, provide insights and help church leaders imagine new directions for local mission. Permission is given for short clips of the sessions to be used or adapted for group or individual study. Edited versions should not be posted on the web and all users should acknowledge the sources. For further information please contact Dr Dean Eland through the Theology for the City home page.