Messages of Hope

Sadness In a Time of Anticipation and Joy

Published / by Sandy

In the wake of the sad and tragic events in Melbourne (on 21st Dec), Rev Jon Humphries has offered this prayer…

Sadness In a Time of Anticipation and Joy
God of incarnate compassion,
We look to your Christ –
in a time where much of our world
is caught up in anticipation of joy and celebration,
our world throws us death and tragedy anew,
and we are cast back into the story of your birth,
where hardship and stress abounded,
and death and tragedy was awfully injected by cruelty and injustice.
So we find such things in our Christmas story.
Why do such things happen?
Where are you in all this?
Why are some effected and yet others escape harm?
More than ever we need hope, peace and joy.
More than ever we need to know and share your love.
Be with us Immanuel.
Be with those who are forced to mourn in shock and bewilderment.
Be with those who seek to help
that they might be resourced with resilience and compassion
as well as wisdom and skill.
In time and grace may we come to understanding
and then to forgiveness.
Yeshua – one who saves,
Save us at this time,
That we might cope and survive.
Gift us with the true gifts of Christmas,
so we might come through it.
Help us have faith,
for fear and anger and doubt – not to mention sadness unfathomable,
threaten to overwhelm us.
So, with deep need we pray.