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Our shared values

Published / by Sandy

Our shared values
The victory speech began with ‘I’ve always believed in miracles’.
I don’t much care how our political leaders worship
– or even what faith, if any, they profess.
I do care that they are committed to full equality and inclusion. 
I do care that they prioritise giving opportunity to those who are vulnerable over maintaining the many advantages of the already wealthy.
I do care that the challenges of trans kids are as important to our political leaders as the struggles their own kids go through, that they don’t intentionally weaponise difference – whether race, gender, sexuality or faith – for political gain.
I do care that they have a plan to rescue our environment
from human exploitation and that they believe in science more than the status quo.
I do care that they see refugees and people seeking asylum
as human beings and don’t use cruelty as a measure of their strength or wisdom.
I do care that they see investment in public schools and hospitals as more than something you need to keep the voters happy, but rather an investment in the people that constitute our society and ensures equality of opportunity for everyone.
I do care that workers deserve a living wage, secure jobs
and safe workplaces – and the power to ensure their employer provides this.
I do care that they have a real plan to address homelessness,
fix the broken mental health system, end family and domestic violence and ensure no Australian lives in poverty.
I do care that our political leaders stand in solidarity
with the marginalised, oppressed and excluded
and that they see the economy exists to serve people
and not the other way around, and recognise that every person in our country, and beyond, is just as worthy of justice, opportunity, full inclusion in society, safety, peace and prosperity as we consider ourselves to be.
(Source: Brad Chilcott, Facebook post, Easter 2019, adapted)