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Do justice, love mercy, walk humbly with God

Published / by Sandy

In the prophecy of Micah, which is one of the Lectionary readings for the first Sunday in February, the prophet asks what God requires of God’s people. Then he answers his own question: “…to do justice, embrace faithful love, and walk humbly with your God.” (Micah 6:8 CEB).
If we wish to know what justice, faithful love and walking with God look like, the Sermon on the Mount gives a pretty good picture. Situated near the beginning of Matthew’s Gospel, the famous Sermon is the first of five important teaching sessions of Jesus, and it offers summary of Jesus’ message, a manifesto for his ministry.
The first part of the Sermon, known as the Beatitudes, is the Gospel reading for today.
Along with Micah’s prophecy, the Beatitudes show us the kind of life that “God blesses”. This doesn’t mean that we earn God’s blessing by making the Beatitudes as a new law. Rather, these Scriptures invite us into the blessing of God that is already ours because of God’s grace. Everyone is blessed!
But, not everyone experiences the blessing because we may have shut ourselves off to the qualities and values that open us to abundant life. We may not live as justly as we could, and we may not embrace faithful love for God and others – in which case we have chosen ways that bring pain to others and, ultimately, to ourselves. But, when we open ourselves to God’s values and purposes, our hearts begin to change and we begin to live the kind of life that brings blessing and justice. God’s grace enables us to live this way, but if we refuse to allow God’s grace to do its work, we separate ourselves from God’s “blessings”.
This week we explore what it means to live a life of justice, faithful love and walking humbly with God.
(Source: John van de Laar, Sacredise)
At Pilgrim this Sunday, February 2nd, we will explore what it means to live of life of justice, faithful love and to walk humbly with God. As part of the Covenant Service, we will use the following covenant prayer by Rev Helen Alexander, a former Minister at Pilgrim UC and recently retired from the Church of Scotland.
God of pilgrim faith, as you call us together to be your people, we will seek to live by the values and hope of Christ Jesus whom we follow. We will honour one another, and seek to be an inclusive community in which each one is given justice, dignity and love.
As your Spirit prompts us, we will seek to discern your will for us and act on your call in our lives.
We shall be open to discovering your purposes for us in all aspects of our personal and corporate life.
We commit ourselves to a deepening of our knowledge and love of you: in relationship and solidarity with one another, through worship together and shared reflection, through faithful action in the wider community, and in honest fellowship.
We commit ourselves in this our Pilgrim congregation; for by your love it is here that you have called us to serve.
And we commit ourselves to live in faith beyond this building and this body: for we believe we are partners with you in the ministry of reconciliation in your world. Amen.