Messages of Hope

We are not in the same boat

Published / by Sandy

I heard that we are in the same boat.
That ‘we’re all in this together’. 
But it’s not like that.
We are in the same storm, but not in the same boat.
Your ship can be shipwrecked and mine might not be.
Or vice versa. 
For some, lockdown is optimal: moment of reflection, of re-connection.
A chance to relax, read, walk, cook, do a craft, binge on Netflix. 
For others, this is a desperate crisis.
For others, it is facing loneliness, doubt, depression, uncertainty.
For others, home is like a prison and they want to escape. 
For some, a peace, a pause, a rest time away from busyness.
Yet for others, torture: how am I going to pay my bills?
Some ‘fall through the cracks’ – jobs lost, and no chance of financial relief. 
Some are enjoying a feast of music, dramas, orchestras from the internet,
while the artists, actors and musicians are now without incomes.
Some enjoy the chance to ‘let it be’.
Others dread the words, ‘we’re letting you go’. 
Some have come to enjoy the isolation – a slower pace, less responsibility.
Others have found the separation from loved ones painful. 
Cancellations of flights, holidays, events, shows, weddings, and funerals where people can gather to celebrate a life well lived.
For some, life is on hold, joy and celebration delayed. 
Others enjoy a chance for baking and creating, living in the moment. 
Others are concerned about putting bread on the table, and empty shelves. 
Some have enjoyed setting up their “home office” .
Some are anxious about how they will survive financially.
Some families enjoy time with children, creating happy memories.
Some families are pushed to breaking point, emotions running high.
Some want to go back to work because they are running out of money.
Others want to take action against those who break the lockdown.
Some need to stand in long lines at Centrelink.
Some criticize the government for the lines.
Some think the Government is doing a great job. 
Others are concerned about the loss of civil liberties. 
Some are early adopters and adapters, flexible, agile, energised by change. 
Some are disoriented by change, and find it hard to navigate a ‘new normal’. 
Some have experienced the near death of the virus.
Some have already lost someone from it.
Some are not sure their loved ones are going to make it.
And some don’t even believe this is a big deal. It’s just the flu. I’ll be fine.
Some of us who are well now may end up experiencing it. 
Some believe they are infallible and will be blown away if or when this hits someone they know.
Some have faith in God and expect protection and intervention.
Some say this is God’s punishment for an endless array of ‘sins’.  
Others say the worse is yet to come. 
Friends, we are in the same storm, but we are not in the same boat.
We are going through a time when our perceptions and needs are completely different.
And each one will emerge, in their own way, from that storm.
Some with a fresh perspective on what’s important in life.
Others will be burdened with scars on the soul, hidden from view.
Do not underestimate the pain of others even when you do not feel it.
Do not judge the good life of one and condemn the bad life of the other. 
Let us not judge the one who lacks, as well as the one who exceeds them.
We are on different ships looking to survive.
Let everyone navigate their route with respect, kindness, compassion, empathy and responsibility.
(Original author unknown, adapted)