Messages of Hope


Published / by Sandy

‘I am about to do a new thing; now it springs forth’ (Isaiah 43.19)

Day 1 of the SA Synod meeting (11-13th February) began with ‘..about’

Neryl McCallum read these words:

‘About…’, God says.
‘I’m about to do a new thing’.
And my mind floods with ‘about’ moments…
Coming in the kitchen and seeing the ingredients for chocolate cake lined up on the bench.
A tree in bud.
A violinist raising a bow as a dancer tiptoes on their toes.
A footy tam running onto the field.
The intense gaze of a basketball player standing on the three point line.
The nervous stance of a groom awaiting a bride.
The chortling of a chook ready to lay an egg.
The frozen bow of a cat stalking a mouse.
The unfolding of an eagle’s wings as the wind ruffles its feathers.
The first rays of gold emerging from the east.
Ants marching underground as rain clouds roll in,
A shower of glowing red sparks in a blackened sky as a fire advances.
The first pangs of labour.
The teetering raised foot of a toddler on the brink of walking.
The intake of breath before blowing out birthday candles.
A coffin held over the ground –

Our days are full of ‘abouts’.
Singular moments
that exist as specks in the expansive breadth of time.
They are loaded with a multitude of emotions.
From excited expectation to menacing fear.
And no matter how solid they seem
we cannot settle into them,
for they are by nature transitory and ephemeral.

But a moment can change everything.
‘About’, God says. ‘I’m about to do a new thing’.