Messages of Hope

Risen Life

Published / by Sandy
CRAIGIE AITCHISON ‘The Pink Crucifixion’, from the Methodist Modern Art Collection

Pink: How shocking!
How outrageous!
How daring!
How bold!
Bright, shocking, in your face, pink.
The pink of teenagers making a statement, standing out from the crowd.
The breast cancer campaigner.
The pink of the Dulux advert: The young man goes to the best party!
– The Pink Crucifixion: People stop and stare. They talk…..
The picture challenges and shocks.
It’s daring and innovative;
Challenges to think outside the box.
It’s off the wall, in your face!
Perhaps not too far removed from Jesus…
Perhaps the picture reminds us of when we were first challenged by the Cross?
The Cross – A brutal place.
The work of Jesus on the Cross:
A symbol of hope and new beginnings. We are a risen Easter people.
We come in faith to the Cross.
We move forward beyond the Cross.
We place our faith in events we did not witness.
We give thanks for the first witnesses to tell their story;
For those who still give the message of “Good News” through their creative work.
We are reminded that we are washed, cleansed, forgiven, restored, redeemed and healed at the Cross.
Perhaps pink represents the vibrancy of Jesus…
A Jesus whom we serve, journey with, and give witness to?
Happy Easter.
He is Risen. Alleluia.

(Glenys Jones 2014)