Messages of Hope

Beyond Emptiness

Published / by Jana

Mark’s account of the resurrection aftermath is so sparse.

The women disciples go out and find the tomb empty.

They leave frightened and bewildered.

Emptiness is bewildering.

And it is everywhere.

We try to find answers to why a German pilot didn’t receive the help he needed; and why he took others down with him.

We come up empty.

I try to find answers to why two of my friends, not much older than I am, died this past week from terrible and terrifying illnesses.

I come up empty.

It is bewildering.

The origins of the word bewildering carry the sense of being led into the woods where it is easy to get lost. Which is frightening.

Bewildered and frightened.

Lost in emptiness.

There are no answers in the emptiness.

But there is something beyond the emptiness.

In the story in Mark’s gospel it goes like this: “But go, tell his disciples and Peter that he is going ahead of you to Galilee; there you will see him, just as he told you.”

What is out ahead of us?

What draws us out of the emptiness and into new life?

Let’s decide it is Jesus who has gone ahead.

Let’s decide to follow his way out.

Beyond the emptiness, if we will, we will see him:

We will see, if we will, all the things we have seen in him already:

extravagant welcome,

boundless compassion,

limitless courage for justice.


I promise to see it in you.

You promise to see it in me.

We promise, together, to let others see it in us.

In this we will be found.

In this we will find our fulfillment.

May it be so.

-Jana for Easter Sunday