Messages of Hope

A prayer for Myanmar

Published / by Sandy

The President of the Uniting Church in Australia, Dr Deidre Palmer, has called upon church members to hold in prayer the people of Myanmar as they continue to face an ongoing state of emergency following the recent military coup on February 1. Daily protests have been ongoing in towns and cities across Myanmar after the military seized control. On April 1, the United Nations Security Council strongly condemned the use of violence against peaceful protesters and the deaths of hundreds of civilians in Myanmar.

As reports emerge of the use of violent force against peaceful protestors, and the rising civilian death toll, the Uniting Church echoes the deep concern of the World Council of Churches and Christian Conference of Asia about the deteriorating and volatile situation in the region.

“We hear the distress of the Burmese community in Australia, some of whom have found a home in the Uniting Church,” said Dr Palmer. “We stand with those members of our communities, and with the people of Myanmar as they protest for the restoration of democracy and freedom.”

“We believe that Christ comes to bring renewal and wholeness to the whole of creation, and so we reject violence, urging dialogue and a spirit of reconciliation to resolve conflict. We pray for God’s vision of non-violence, peace, and justice to prevail.”

Jesus Christ, Prince of Peace,
in your death you absorb the violence and injustice we do to each other,
and in your rising
they are proven to be futile and false.
May it be so in Myanmar,
where violence and injustice overwhelms.
Reconcile what is broken.
Heal what is wounded.
Restore what is just.
Disrupt the forces of death once again,
so that we may see peace in our time.