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NAIDOC…From little things big things grow

Published / by Sandy

Turning points along the way.

This year NAIDOC (National Aborigines Day Observance Committee) is celebrating 64 years since an inter-church group met in Sydney in 1956 to think about a modest idea.
The National Missionary Council of Australia representing major denominations though it would be a good idea to celebrate “an annual day of observance for Aborigines.” (A brief history of NAIDOC Week includes reference to the NMCA)
In the early 1970s movements of self-determination began to change the emphasis and committee membership was largely made up of first nation activists from across Australia.
The 1970 September meeting held at the Foundation of Aboriginal Affairs George St included leaders of a wide range of indigenous organizations.
By 1977 Federal Executive members included John Moriarty, Lester Bostock, Neville Perkins and Michael Mansell.
In Victoria annual celebrations led by Pastor Doug Nicholls and the Aborigines Advancement League merged with the annual NADOC celebrations.
Today those involved in the early years would be amazed and proud of the widespread public support and recognition now being given to a simple idea. NAIDOC is now one part in a growing movement in recognising and affirming indigenous culture and spirituality.

(Text provided by Rev Dr Dean Eland)



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