Messages of Hope

Season of Creation

Published / by Sandy

It’s spring – a time for fresh life and abundant growth!

It’s the time we have the opportunity to celebrate the Season of Creation. This is a world-wide ecumenical movement to recognise the wonder of the gift of the earth and the living world. This world speaks to us of God.

This year the Season of Creation has, as its theme, ‘A Home For All? Renewing the Oikos of God’. This is our home, but not ours alone.

The Season of Creation draws our attention to caring for the entire ‘web of life’. We are understanding more and more that what we do has an impact on the earth and all living things and that we have a role as healers in our world.

Climate change and it’s ramifications can weigh on us heavily.

Maybe it’s time for spring cleaning – local, national, global, personal, communal, political?

One small step at a time. Is it enough? We know how dispiriting and overwhelming we can feel in the face of one crisis after another.

What sustains hope for renewal?

Christiana Figueres, a former diplomat and longtime climate change leader, presided over the 2015 Paris climate talks for the United Nations. She sees optimism as a key solution for climate change. She introduced the concept of relentless (stubborn) optimism to fight for the future. In fact, her whole brand is optimism. She founded a group called Global Optimism, and co-authored a book titled, “The Future We Choose: Surviving the Climate Crisis.” She believes the only choice we have is to take a determined, optimistic mindset.

“It is only by doing something positive to contribute to the solution that you actually dispel the bubble of despair and move into a much more constructive frame of mind and a much more impactful space in which you can make a difference. Yes, we have a very difficult situation in front of us. But if we are negative about it, I guarantee we will not be able to get out of it,” she explains.

She considers optimism is imperative in the struggle for climate justice.

How do we take that stance – relentless stubborn optimism – in our own lives?

How do we live with the weighty matters that cluster around climate change, while maintaining a relentless stubborn optimism?

It is a question that needs resolution so we can get on with global ‘spring cleaning’.

She goes on to say, “If we do not devote our energies, our thinking, our actions, our decisions, our finance, our policies, toward addressing climate change, we are implicitly, or in fact, even explicitly contributing to more inequality. It is precisely because of the inequality that we have to address climate change”.

Spring cleaning = positive resolve… participation … priorities … prayer