Messages of Hope

An Informed Hope

Published / by Jana

How is it that one can, at a certain age and station in life, fall asleep in the chair in front of the television with no trouble at all but try to do the sensible thing and retire to the bed…and find yourself wide awake?

It’s a question for the ages, that.

What are the circumstances that keep us awake to the advent of the good news? This season is a reminder, a recalling, to remain alert at all times to the possibility…the possibility of grace, the possibility of light in spite of the gloom, the possibility that is actually a certainty – that morning does follow night.

How do we do it, stay vigilant to hope? It isn’t by reading the news, but neither is it by ignoring the signs of doom that surround us. Ignorance is not bliss; it’s just ignorance. The ignoring of reality, with all of its crashing disaster, is not an option for a person of faith. What compels us, what keeps us awake, is an informed hope.

And so we seek out ways to inform ourselves of hope. We come together and share simple things that speak of that which sustains us: bread made from grain grown in a good earth that wills our nourishment, bread kneaded by the industry and creativity of our fellow human beings. We come together and avail ourselves of the genius of our kind: music and the gifted artistry that brings it to life, the mechanical wonders that render it possible. In nature, in silence, standing under the stars…we try to remember our true place, which is not at the apex of creation but somewhere in the midst, interconnected with all that lives and breathes and has the being it has evolved to express the shared life force.

What are the circumstances that keep us awake to the something more that pulses throughout all things, that persists despite our best damning efforts to quell it? We each have our own eternal springs from which to drink: nature, music, prayer, art, family. And in coming together we remind ourselves to drink, drink. May we be refreshed this Advent by the living waters, our hope restored and our witness to the light renewed.

posted 01 Dec 2014 by Jana