Messages of Hope

Celebrating risen life

Published / by Sandy

Resurrection changed everything, yet everything remained the same. The first Christians experienced persecution and martyrdom, the church itself became a place of both healing and destruction, and our post-resurrection world is threatened by global climate change and the destructive actions of Christianity’s most “ardent” followers who subvert the all-embracing love of Jesus with a religion of rugged individualism, self-interested capitalism, intolerance, and scorched earth politics. Yet, resurrection lives on—an empty tomb and open future beckons, despite the failures of Jesus’ followers.

Still, let us celebrate resurrection and, in the spirit of Wendell Berry’s poem, “practice resurrection.” But, how shall we practice resurrection today? It is not about enlightenment denial or conservative literalism, paths that lead nowhere. Rather, it is in looking for the Empty Tombs in our world, and seeing within them open futures for ourselves and for others. It is in bringing forth beauty, especially in children and marginalized and vulnerable persons. It is in resisting the politics of division, coercion, and greed, and learning to live in terms of a beloved community in which all persons can rise to the heights of abundant living.

Today, we are called to be resurrection partners, to roll away the stone, imprisoning marginalized people, and open pathways to the future for all creation.

We are called to be God’s celebrative companions—to say “yes” to life in all its complexity, contrast, and beauty. To rejoice in birth and rebirth. Christ is Risen, today, and every day! Hallelujah!