Messages of Hope

A meditation on daylight saving

Published / by Sandy

God who was and is and is to come,
It must seem so silly for us to whine and carry on about time.
We have such a short span here in this life, 
and yet we make such a fuss
over when this or that is to happen,
how long that takes,
how early we must rise,
how late we’ve stayed up…
How long, O Lord, will I make you wait?
Wait for thankfulness. 
Wait for praise.
Wait for an open heart: the sort that causes the mouth to close,
the mind to rest and the ears to tingle as we listen.
No more waiting… at least not for today!
Thank you….
For the strength you provide when I am too tired to go on.
I praise you…
For the wonder of your creation,
for the mystery of your love for me and for the world.
And I wait…
For the Spirit to breathe new life in me.
For the love of Christ to fill me anew.
For the grace of God to be so real in me
that others are drawn to God’s presence.
I wait for you.
You save me from my short-sighted understanding of 
today, tomorrow and the future.