Music on Flinders

Eclectic music on Monday lunchtimes

Spring, summer and autumn with a break over Christmas, Music on Flinders (previously Music in the Lane) sponsored by Pilgrim Uniting Church bring together musicians of all types to entertain the public for a half hour 12.30 - 1pm at the front of the church, adjacent to the laneway.

So do your boss a favout, take a break. Come along and enjoy a wide range of music genres from talented performers from rock to acapella. Music includes school performers as well as seasoned veterans in the music industry and everything in between!.

There is no cost, so make the most of this brilliant opportunity. Plan to leave the computer and work place for an enjoyable lunchtime break. Bring your lunch, grab a coffee from a local café, and enjoy 30 minutes of brilliant music - a gift to workers, residents and visitors to the CBD.

Featured below are some of the artists from MonF. For up to date information check out the MonF Facebook page or go to Events here . . .

  • Ann Lee-Vanlint & Friends

    Ann VnLint

    Ann Lee-Vanlint - 28 year old classical pianist has grown up in Adelaide and has many fond memories of participating the Adelaide Eisteddfods and performing in the Festival of Music for schools. Ann has also performed as a soloist with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, traveled to New York and Germany for masterclasses and lessons and completed her Bachelor of Music with Honours at the Elder Conservatorium of Adelaide. In her spare time she loves listening to jazz vocals, reading and soaking up the sunshine!

  • Lovers Electric

    Lovers Electric

    An unforced and hip blend of music, Lover's Electric are a blend of their Australian roots and European surroundings visually and musically, influenced by the artists they grew up with in the 80s from Cyndi Lauper to New Order. Lovers Electric are Australian husband and wife duo from Adelaide via London. The band was founded by members David Turley and Eden Boucher. They have toured throughout Europe,the US and Australia promoting their albums, 'Whatever You Want" and 'Impossible Dreams'. Lovers Electric have just released their new album 'Stranger' this year.

  • Fergus Maximus

    Fergus Maximus

    Fergus Maximus is that guy with his headphones on long after the playlist has finished, completely oblivious because there's always music in his head anyway. His early plans to run away and join the circus were thwarted by a lack of openings for half-baked gorillas though he's since put those skills to use in various party bands and as frontman for Adelaide pop/rockers Stumbletrip (currently slumbering). He's done temp and contract work in almost every industry, backpacked around the world and a few years ago packed up his wife and kids in the 4WD and drove around Australia.

    Ferg's unapologetic pop songs encompass all the important things: love, loss, mistakes, surprises, people's astonishing capacity to miscommunicate and the mystery surrounding that curious old woman down the street. And eggplants, of course.

    Ably supported (read "carried") by his most excellent bandmates, Kym Perry (guitars) and Jamie Harrison (basses), Ferg sings, plays sax and performs random acts of percussion (unless he's playing solo in which case he bashes away at the guitar like a thug). All for you, folks. All for you.

  • Rod Boucher

    Rod Boucher

    Rod Boucher is a bit of a legend in Australia. After lots of TV and Radio in the 60s, 70s and 80s, touring in support of Larry Norman, Split Enz, AC/DC and many others, he and his family took their street theatre BedlamOz to festivals around the globe for 2 decades. He's decided to return to his roots as Rod the Revelator, an electric conscience.Rod is a passionate and dynamic performer with a voice and a presence like no other.

  • Acoustic Songbird Kathy Pike

    Kathy Pike

    Adelaide songstress performs soulful and melodic songs by artists she adores.Kathy brings her own unique interpretations to songs that she loves by artists she loves. With a humble respect for the songs that have helped shape her life Kathy,gently breathes her sound into the songs with a disarming charm and subtlety.

  • Soulgarden


    Soulgarden is Titus Ng, the Singer-Songwriter Musician Artist. Born out of a deep love of music and song, and a life seeking greater authenticity and beauty, he grows his songs in the garden of the soul. His Listeners have decribed him as mellow and soulful, original and a little funky; his songs beautifully crafted, insightful and playfully human.

  • Vincent's Chair

    Vincent's Chair

    Vincent's Chair is the brainchld of Australian singer- songwriter, Kathie Renner, a creative artist who writes from the heart about her observations on life.

    Influenced by the likes of Joni Mitchell, Sting, Paul Simon and Lior, the group present contemporary acoustic songs with a strong focus on the craft of songwriting and thoughtful arrangements. Eshewing stylistic boundaries, their lyrical compositions reveal unexpected stories couched in honest musicianship.

    Their set-up of Kathie Renner - singer- songwriter/guitar/keyboard; Sam Leske - guitar; and Karen De Nardi - viola gives perfect balance to the dynamic interplay between the musicians as they draw you into an exquisite journey of the senses.

An initiative of Pilgrim Uniting Church.