Islam and Multifaith Relations

What do we need to know about Islamic approaches
to other faiths as we seek to build multi-faith relations
in a Western democracy?

Peace Dove -Islamic calligraphy

Professor John Strawson,
University of East London

Supporting panel: Dr Deidre Palmer
Rabbi Shoshana Kaminsky and Geoff Boyce

Professor John Strawson
John Strawson is reader in Law at the University of East London where he is Co-director of the Centre on Human Rights in Conflict. He works in the areas of postcolonialism and legal history with special reference to Islam and the Middle East. He has held visiting positions at the International Institute for Social Studies (The Hague, Netherlands), at Birzeit University (Palestine) and was visiting professor of law at the International Islamic University Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) in 2007. He spent a sabbatical in Egypt in 1993 and has visited frequently including several research visits since the 25 January 2011 revolution. His publications include, Law after Ground Zero (ed. 2002) and Partitioning Palestine: legal fundamentalism in the Arab-Israeli conflict (2010). He is currently writing a book on Islamic Law and British India.
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Shoshana Kaminsky
Shoshana Kaminsky has been the rabbi of Beit Shalom Progressive Synagogue since 2006. She was ordained by the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College in Philadelphia in 1994 and served for two years as a student chaplain in hospitals prior to serving an small American congregation for ten years. In addition to being active in local Jewish and multifaith organisations, she currently serves as chair of the Council of Progressive Rabbis of Australia, New Zealand and Asia. When she is not busy with her rabbinic duties or her duties as mother to two teenage boys, she is working towards her second degree black belt in karate.
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Dr Deidre Palmer
Deidre Palmer is an educator, counsellor, social worker and Uniting Church Moderator for South Australia. Deidre has a passionate commitment to the Uniting Church's expression of Christian ministry and its engagement in God's mission in the world. She has spent her career studying, teaching and working in Christian education and youth and children's ministry in the Uniting Church. More recently she has embraced social work and has been a counsellor for Uniting Communities with their Childhood Sexual Abuse Counselling team.
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Geoff Boyce
Geoff Boyce is the Oasis Coordinating Chaplain, appointed by the Flinders University of South Australia in February, 2013. Prior to this, he was chaplain at Flinders University for fifteen years, first appointed by the Uniting Church in Australia in 1997. He has been President of the Tertiary Campus Ministry Association (Australia), the university chaplains' professional body, and is a member of the Uniting Church's national Relations with Other Faiths Working Group. His book, An Improbable Feast - the surprising dynamic of hospitality at the heart of multifaith chaplaincy (2010) documents his journey as a university chaplain, responding to the increasingly pluralist context of the university.
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This Symposium was held on Tuesday 26 November 2013, 7.30pm - 9.30pm at Pilgrim Uniting Church, 12 Flinders Street, Adelaide

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