Pilgrim Uniting Church, Adelaide SA
SUN 05-DEC-2021 - 10.00 AM Sermon
Rev Dr Greg Elsdon
Advent 2 – Combined Service – Luke introduced his story of John the Baptist with a list of places and rulers that would have produced terror in the hearts of his first readers; and God chose to act through John to proclaim a message of love, compassion and justice to the world. In the last two years Covid has left people anxious, fatigued and exhausted, and God is calling to us that the whole people of God might seek his salvation. In our lives there are dangerous ridges to be levelled and deep, dark valleys to be filled. How can we celebrate joy when all this is happening? What is joy? Joy is nothing to do with things going right; it has everything to do with things going on inside us. It is in the opened eye of the enjoyer, not in the thing enjoyed. Towards the end of the sermon, the passage from Philippians is adapted to represent our elders, past, present and future, as they pray for us. Without them we would not have the stories, the knowledge and the wisdom that we so badly need. May we become hope-filled, joy-filled voices in desolate places, while we prepare the way of the Lord.
Philippians 1: 3-11; Luke 3: 1-6

Playing Time   –   17:35