Mission Development

We are called by God to be a Prophetic Witness in the city of Adelaide so that
New Life and Vitality will be generated in our city and in its people.

We are blessed to be a blessing.

Pilgrim's mission activities seek to grow our commitment to being a place of welcome and hospitality in the city of Adelaide. Our overriding purpose is to bear witness to the teaching and example of Jesus Christ. Social Justice is at the heart of all that we do as articulated by the Uniting Church in Australia in the inaugural Statement to the Nation (1977), and the Statement to the Nation (1988) for Australia’s Bicentennial celebrations.

In developing our presence in the city, Pilgrim fosters activities and events that help to amplify our Public Voice, strengthen our civic and denominational and interfaith Partnerships, and multiply our Community Connections. The labels below will soon provide links to some of the regular programs and annual 'one-off' events that Pilgrim runs or hosts during the year. Some of these will also have direct links.


Covenanting with First Peoples
Our relationship with the Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress (UAICC) and advocacy for justice for First Nations of this land involve:
  • Helping our Congregation to grow in understanding the history, culture, and languages of First Nations, and to make connections with Aboriginal people and congregations
  • Standing with First Nations as we work together for their justice and advocating for concrete actions by governments
  • Maintaining membership of the Synod Covenanting Committee and working with the Reginal Council of UAICC
  • Participating in public awareness raising through rallies and other events, around responses to the Uluru Statement from the Heart, Black Deaths in Custody, Closing the Gap plans, and
  • Joining in worship experiences around Reconciliation Week, NAIDOC Week, Journey to the Heart giving, and other significant events


Support for Refugees and Asylum Seekers
This area of our support involves:
  • Financial support from the Pilgrim Social Justice budget, and from individual members of the congregation
  • Working with individuals and organisations assisting migrants to achieve visa status
  • Pilgrim Circle of Friends giving long-term support to refugee families
  • Urging changes to government policies in relation to migrants, refugees and asylum seekers
  • Raising public awareness through use of our electronic media, signage, web site and Facebook page
  • Focusing worship activities in Refugee Week


Climate Change Action:
Taking action in relation to environmental issues and climate change involves
  • Reducing our Congregation's footprint and carbon emissions through changes to our built environment
  • Working with the Synod Committee offering resources and policies for climate action
  • Supporting individual actions for changes to policies of governments
  • Focussing worship experiences on environmental issues and theological principles for climate action


Community Connections
The Community Connections Program involves:
  • Working with other congregations and community agencies in the city, guided by the project officer and advisory group to build relationships, learn from those of other faiths, support refugees and asylum seekers, welcome new arrivals to the city and connect with minority groups in the community


The Church's Public Voice
Speaking out as the church's public voice involves:
  • Expressing our Christian values around public issues
  • Using electronic media of all types to express these values in the public arena
  • Working with the Uniting College for Leadership and Theology to equip leaders
  • to engage in dialogue around public issues from a theological perspective
  • Speaking out on public issues, from the basis of UCA policies and priorities for justice
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In all of these major priorities, the Mission Development Committee works with the Church Council and in partnerships with community organisations to be a Synod Resourcing Congregation, for other congregations as they engage in action for Justice.

Leadership for Outreach and Services to the Community
Members of the Mission Development Committee give leadership to small task groups focussed on:
The Committee also supports the connections and partnership with Flinders University School of Social Work in placement of Masters Students from overseas at Pilgrim as part of their Masters Degree program.


We celebrate our unity and diversity, our shared beliefs and past experiences, and value worship, teaching, creativity and justice.


Panel: The story of the Good Samaritan (The Bible - Luke 10:25-37). One of three stained glass panels that depict this story.

The good Samaritan