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Welcome to the October E-News.

This month we celebrate the often unsung, humble work of our volunteers. The people interviewed, plus many others, have given tirelessly of their time and energy over the years.
The work that they do continues to amaze me. Read about this and the expertise that they bring to working in God's service.
For many they have set up or contributed to growing programs that have blossomed into significant wide support for those in need and for the purpose of spreading God's word.

Here's a special prayer for our volunteers:- 
"Loving God, we celebrate those who  serve their community through acts of love for their neighbours.  
We recognize and honour the diversity gifts and types of service among our volunteers, giving thanks for those who have served for weeks or months, those who have served for years, and those who have served for decades. 
Grant each and every one of us a sense of belonging, an awareness of God’s love, and an enlarged vision for loving our neighbors."

Patricia Rademaker
Publications and Promotions Coordinator

Live Streaming of Services at Pilgrim
Arrangements for the three Sunday morning services
 8am service via Zoom. Please contact one of the Ministers if you need the link (same link each week). 
 9.30am and 11am services are uploaded each week to the Pilgrim Uniting Church Adelaide Youtube channel, with a link from the homepage of the Pilgrim website,

Pilgrim World Service 
   Geoff Boyce, Pilgrim Chaplain at Large
Geoff Boyce is forging ahead with his video production, The Pilgrim World Service, now notching up #11 in the series. His collection of songs, stories and videos, have proven to be a wonderful go to resource of  inspiration, encouragement and hope over these past six months. 

The 11th World Service takes a bit of a turn away from personal well-being toward the post-COVID agenda – the kind of world we might want to build post-COVID.

Some of the items include serenading a bull elephant by playing Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, a couple of selections of movies to inspire you, and ‘Playing for Change’ for a final catchy multicultural song to go out on.

Episodes are posted here on the Pilgrim Uniting Church Adelaide YouTube channel. 

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Art at Pilgrim 
   Rev Vikki Waller - Art Curator at Pilgrim Uniting Church

The first art exhibition at Pilgrim started during the 2014 Fringe Festival and continued with a number of art and photographic exhibitions using the A-frames purchased with a grant from the Adelaide City Council. More recently, railings were installed to replace the A-frames and enable permanent displays. Special history boards have since been professionally prepared, with a grant from the SA UCA Historical Society. When the church lighting was updated a few years ago, attention was paid to fixed lighting for the art works. 

Since July 2019 Rev Vikki Waller has been the Curator and sources the artworks. I interviewed Vikki to gather some back ground about her extensive experience in the art world and her enjoyment in setting up Pilgrim as an art space.

Vikki  has been in the art industry for 44 years as a member of the Royal South Australian Society of the Arts (RSASA) and served terms as President and Treasurer. This has given her a wide range of contacts. She has a Bachelor of Visual Arts and a Bachelor of Ministry. A perfect combination for her work at Pilgrim.  Pilgrim is very fortunate to have her as the Curator of the art space.

The works chosen are not necessarily religious or spiritual, but they have to be conducive with the Church's ethos. e.g. the first exhibition curated by Vikki was by Helen Stacey. She had been out bush and then produced a number of works concerning blackbirding (slavery) of the local people.
Others also follow a social justice theme or what's happening in the church liturgically. In August/September the Church had the Spring Festival and at Christmas last year Sandy had the theme Darkness to Light. David Baker’s photographic work was selected, as it fitted in very well with the theme. The exhibition 'People' in various social situations by Helen Sheriff,  last February, had a selection of Bible quotations added by Vikki. In March  there were three or four concerts in the church, so she sourced Hugh Adamson's paintings of a series of musicians.
Pilgrim has also had two SALA exhibitions of flowers, one for watercolours and the second of pastels. These were to go with Pilgrim's Spring Festival.
The most recent exhibition has been by Bob Landt who has been impacted by social and physical isolation. He does quirky drawings about Covid 19. A humorous and poignant portrayal of this time. Vikki says,"The feedback from people has been that this man has the most amazing imagination!"
 I asked Vikki what improvements could be made to the current exhibition space? Vikki responded that, “You always have to consider that it is first and foremost a place of worship services. Pilgrim hosts outside people and our space will become better known as we host SALA and The Fringe for the 2D works on the wall. The artists are happy to exhibit here because there is good exposure when we are doing the outside functions. At the weddings and concerts on a Sunday there have been up to 400 people at the Church in the past in one day.  You don't get that in any gallery". 
Vikki continues to produce artworks in almost all mediums: oils, acrylics, gouache and printing. "These days," she says, "I tend to concentrate more on textiles such as art quilts. And, I always have little areas of things I am doing; my art work mixes with my spirituality and worship, so some of my art work is specifically for a liturgical event. More recently, I've taken up the idea of aeria
l views on things. I was fortunate enough to fly over Lake Eyre when it was in flood and I photographed aerial scenes and did a series of pictures depicting those and then, I found a book of NASA photographs and I've done about four or five of Australian views."

The current Pilgrim art exhibition displays Indigenous artists as NAIDOC week comes up. The work is sourced from Pilgrim congregation members and the Church's collection. Then come the Advent Christmas displays.

A Superb Work of Craftmanship
  David Walton          The Baptismal Font
David has been at Pilgrim since the Rev Grant Dunning's time in the 80’s. He is very humble about his contributions to the church.
He comes into open church and volunteers at the Lounge and does handyman work around the church. His mantra "It’s better to lead by example, than be a pew warmer!"

Recently, he has made a significant contribution to Pilgrim by building  a new Baptismal font. David says, "When Covid hit, we were having a few working bees and they had all this cedar from Pirie St Church which I knew was stored away in a dark corner at the back of a hall. There were many things such as doors and panels . They said, 'It’s been there long enough, we’ll throw it away'. I said, "You can’t just throw cedar wood away it’s such a beautiful timber. Anyway, after consultation, they said I could have the cedar. Sandy had noted, Oh you do a bit of woodwork and said we’d love a portable font. So I went home and made the Baptismal font and everyone thinks it’s been there for 100 years as it matches the pulpit design!" 

Pre retirement David was apprenticed to Allans music and was a piano tuner. He smiles and says, "Now back then pianos had woodwork, metalwork and fabric work, so that means I can plane a piece of timber, weld up a piece of metal and sew up curtains. What other skills do you need in life!"
David also mentions in passing that he does handyman jobs in his community.  

Volunteering their Services to the Community
   Sue and John Dunn
Sue Dunn has volunteered at Pilgrim for over 40 years  and also been actively involved in Community work.
Along with her husband John, Sue worked in a city Lion’s club which focused on young people at risk. Sue said, "We came to this through The Advertiser. The programs raised money for many of the youth organisations in the city".

For the last ten years, John has worked with the Burnside Lions Club on a project putting photos on CD’s and USB’s for older people in aged care facilities in SA. Photos include many diverse topics and events e.g. the Christmas Pageant, City Bay, the Royal Show, and photos and videos collected from family, friends and other people. John and his grandson edit the videos and compile the information. The Adelaide Symphony Orchestra has provided the music. John is very passionate about it. The response from Lifestyle SA has been very enthusiastic.

Sue says, "The postage is a big expense. John has been able to secure seven grants from the Commonwealth and State Governments, and Lions Clubs in Australia. We have all the machines at home that produce the CD’s, USB’s and labels. John has appealed to the Lion’s Clubs in Australia. he has had about seven grants altogether from the Commonwealth and State Governments and has been doing this for 10 years. Our grandson helps. He took a video of the Royal Show and one of Japan. John and his grandson edit the videos and compile the information.

In the early days Sue was an Elder at the church for a while, when Elders were called to visit people in the Pilgrim community and beyond. Of working in the Pilgrim Lounge, Sue remarks, "I really love being in the Lounge at Pilgrim and looking after the street people and disadvantaged. I feel that’s fulfilling what we are really at Church for. The message that we get from Jesus and what He did in his life".

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Edited by Patricia Rademaker:
Publicity and Promotions Coordinator Pilgrim Uniting Church



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