Whose Voice?

Influencing Public Discourse for the Common Good

Wednesday 6 August 2014, 7.30pm - 9.30pm

Key Speaker: Steven D Smith, Professor of Law, University of San Diego, California

Supporting panel: Prof Andrew Dutney, Mark Henley and Geraldine Hawkes

Panel & Discussion follows keynote address

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Professor Steven D Smith
Steven D Smith Professor Steven D Smith is the Warren Distinguished Professor of Law at San Diego University, and is the Co-Executive Director for both the Institute of Law and Religion, and the Institute for Law and Philosophy. He teaches in the area of law and religion, including as visiting professor at the University of Michigan and the University of Virginia. His publications include The Disenchantment of Secular Discourse (Harvard University Press, 2010); Law's Quandary (Harvard University Press, 2004); The Constitution and the Pride of Reason (Oxford University Press, 1998); Foreordained Failure: The Quest for a Constitutional Principle of Religious Freedom (Oxford University Press, 1995); "Discourse in the Dusk: The Twilight of Religious Freedom" in 122 Harvard Law Review 1869 (2009); and "How to Remove a Federal Judge" in 116 Yale Law Journal 72 (with Prakash) (2006).
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Professor Andrew Dutney
Andrew Dutney The Reverend Professor Andrew Dutney was installed as President of the Uniting Church in Australia in July 2012. He is regarded as a leading interpreter of the history and theology of the Uniting Church. Andrew moved to Adelaide in 1989 to take up a position as Lecturer in Systematic Theology at Parkin-Wesley College and took over as principal of the college in 2001 and was the foundation principal when Parkin-Wesley College was reconstituted as the Uniting College for Leadership and Theology in 2009. Before becoming President, Andrew was also Associate Professor of Theology at Flinders University, and the foundation Director of Flinders University's Centre for Theology, Science & Culture. Andrew is a well-known media commentator on ethics and spirituality and is widely published on theology and ethics. His works include Manifesto for Renewal: The Shaping of a New Church (1986), Food, Sex & Death: A Personal Account of Christianity (1993), Playing God: Ethics and Faith (2001), Where did the joy come from? Revisiting the Basis of Union (2001), and A Genuinely Educated Ministry: Three Studies on Theological Education in the Uniting Church in Australia (2007, 2nd Edition 2011). His most recent book Backyard Theology (2011) draws on his experience as a regular commentator on ethics and spirituality on the Mornings program on radio station 891 ABC Adelaide with presenters Matthew Abraham and David Bevan.
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Mark Henley
Mark Henley Mark Henley is the manager of advocacy and communications for Uniting Communities. He is well known for advocating on a range of social issues in the public arena. Earlier this year, Mark stood for election to Parliament on the platform of building stronger links between the community and governments. Prior to his current role, Mark served as Executive Director of SACOSS. He has provided major leadership in strategies and legislation to reduce poverty in SA, specifically through adverse impacts of gambling and declining utility affordability. He has been a participant in the State Economic Growth Summit and in the National Tax Summit and debate. He is a member of the Australian and SA Christian Churches' Gambling Taskforces, and Chair of the Gambling and Public Health Alliance International. He is a member of the newly formed Australian Energy Regulator Consumer Challenge Panel, a group appointed as 'critical friend' to the regulator to ensure consumer interests are actively considered in all energy regulation. At a local level, he is involved in a number of community groups, including serving as Chair of the Eastern and Hills Innovative Community Action Networks. And in the spare time he has, he is completing study towards a Masters Degree in Public Policy, at Flinders University.
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Geraldine Hawkes
Geraldine Hawkes Geraldine is currently the Executive Officer, South Australian Council of Churches, and provides strong leadership in ecumenical activities. Her previous role was as Coordinator of St Paul's City Mission in Adelaide, where she forged strong relationships with the business community and people who work in the city through the Executive Centre for Ethics in Business and Government. She has also provided leadership for many years - as inaugural chair of the Commission for Australian Catholic Women, as the Chair of the Bishops Commission for Australian Catholic Women, and as a member of the Catholic Bishops' Advisory Board for Ecumenism and Interfaith Relations. She is developing and promoting receptive ecumenism here in South Australia, and has recently returned from a conference at Fairfield University, Connecticut entitled Receptive Ecumenism in International Perspective: Contextual Ecclesial Learning, where she was a guest speaker.
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This Symposium was held on Wednesday 6 August 2014, 7.30pm - 9.30pm at Pilgrim Uniting Church, 12 Flinders Street, Adelaide

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