A joint activity of the Research Unit for the Study of Society, Law and Religion,
The University of Adelaide and Pilgrim Uniting Church

Professor Christo Lombaard   University of South Africa
Supporting Panel
Rev Dr James McEvoy   Australian Catholic University
Dr Liz Boase   Flinders University School of Theology

Spirituality in Times of Social Change

Pilgrim Uniting Church
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RUSSLR Oration 2016: Spirituality in times of social change

In both ancient Israel and in modern democratic history there have been fundamental social and political changes. The consequences included reconfiguration of the role of religion within society. In ancient Israel God was placed centre stage socio-politically; more recently, God has been moved backstage. In both instances, the motivation for these placements of God was the wellbeing of society as perceived by the respective elites. A comparison of these two historical developments may provide some perspective on how we might reconceptualise the relationship of law, religion and society for our time.

Christo Lombaard Professor Christo Lombaard , PhD North-West University; DD University of Pretoria.

Christo is a National Research Foundation (NRF) C1-rated researcher in Biblical Spirituality. He is a Professor in Christian Spirituality at the University of South Africa (Unisa). Prof Lombaard's research interests are in Biblical Spirituality, Post-secularism, Spirituality Theory, Pentateuch Theory, the Patriarchs of Ancient Israel, Religiosity and the Mass Media. He holds doctorates in Communications and Theology and was awarded the 2013 Krister Stendahl scholarship medal in the USA for his publication The Old Testament and Christian Spirituality (2012).
He writes and performs blues, folk and rock music as a hobby under the stage name of Chrisman Baard and also plays the Hang drum.

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Panel Members

James McEvoy Rev Dr James McEvoy, PhD Flinders University.

James McEvoy is a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Theology and Philosophy at the Australian Catholic University. He lectures in systematic theology, and is a priest of the Adelaide Archdiocese. For almost two decades prior to 2014 he taught at Catholic Theological College and Flinders University Department of Theology. His doctoral thesis was in the fields of theological and philosophical anthropology, studying the works of Karl Rahner and Canadian philosopher Charles Taylor. His current research studies the place of religion in the contemporary West and the church's understanding of its role and social relationships in that context. He is the President of the Australian Catholic Theological Association.

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Elizabeth Boase

Dr Elizabeth Boase, B.App.Sci (Speech and Hearing) Curtin University; B.D. (Hons), Murdoch University; Ph.D. Murdoch University.
Liz is the Head of Department and a Supervisor and Lecturer in Old Testament at the School of Theology at Flinders University. Her research interests include the laments of the Hebrew Bible, particularly the book of Lamentations, Bakhtin and biblical studies, trauma and traumatisation in the bible, and ecological hermeneutics.

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This Symposium was held on Monday 26 September 2016,
at Pilgrim Uniting Church, 12 Flinders Street, Adelaide