Pilgrim Symposium & RUSSLR Oration 2017

Is “No Religion” the new religion?

RUSSLR Oration by
Professor Linda Woodhead MBE,, Lancaster University UK

Symposium Supporting Panel:
Rev Christy Capper, Director of Missiology,
Uniting College for Leadership & Theology
Rev Dr Greg Elsdon, former CEO Churches of Christ (SA & NT)

This Symposium was held on Monday 18th September 2017, 7.30pm
at Pilgrim Uniting Church
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audience Neville Rochow SC Prof Linda Woodhead MBE Rev Christy Capper Rev Dr Greg Elsdon The Panel
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linda Woodhead Professor Linda Woodhead MBE
Linda Woodhead is an academic (trained in theology and religious studies, then specializing in the empirical study of culture, religion and values) who explores the changing and various ways in which people make their lives and deaths meaningful - both individually and collectively, and by religious and non-religious means. She employs a wide range of methods, ranging from population surveys to immersive fieldwork. The bulk of her work has been on the decline of the churches in the West, and the rise of alternative forms of spirituality and 'no religion'. Since 2006, she has been Professor of Sociology of Religion in the Department of Politics, Philosophy and Religion at Lancaster University. She is best known in the UK for her work on religious change since the 1980s, and for initiating an annual series public debates about faith which have been covered by the BBC and other UK media such as The Times and The Guardian.
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Panel Members
Christy Capper Rev Christy Capper
Christy Capper is the new Director of Missiology at the Uniting College/Adelaide College of Divinity Faculty member (0.5) and the Presbytery and Synod Office of the Uniting Church in South Australia (0.5) working on applied ministry projects as part of the Uniting Church SA Mission Resourcing team.
Christy is an Anglican priest, and is currently completing her PhD in "authenticity". She was ordained as a Deacon in February 2015 and as a priest in November 2015. In the past, Christy has worked in youth and young adult ministry.
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Rev Dr Greg Elsdon Rev Dr Greg Elsdon
Greg Elsdon has a Bachelor of Theology from the Melbourne College of Divinity, In 1986 Greg graduated with a Master of Theology from Ruschlikon, Zurich, Switzerland, and in 1989 he was appointed as Lecturer in New Testament Studies in the Churches of Christ Theological College, Victoria. In 1993 he became the Principal of that College, in 1994 gaining a Doctor of Theology degree from Melbourne College of Divinity.
Greg has since served as the Ministry Team Leader in the Blackwood Churches of Christ Congregation in Adelaide, as an Aged Care Chaplain with that denomination's Life Care Inc, been a self-employed Consultant and the Executive Director of St Paul's City Ministry (Ecumenical appointment), both part-time. Greg is completing almost seven years as the State Minister and CEO of the Churches of Christ in South Australia and Northern Territory in 2017.
Greg has been seconded to the Synod & Presbytery of the Uniting Church in South Australia as a Minister of the Word and will take up an appointment to Pilgrim Uniting Church in October this year.
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Saturday Workshop Sessions
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 Workshop Discussion  - 19Mb .mp3
RUSSLR Sponsors: Neville Rochow SC